Biography and Autobiography

Many people today are interested in writing an autobiography. Others are interested in having a biography written about themselves or someone they know. There are so many people deserving of this honor. Many are notably famous, and many others are living lives underneath the radar, so to speak. They all have stories that are worth telling and preserving.

Interesting People

The progress and vast changes experienced over the last 100 years could not have made without the hard work, good fortune (and bad), great sacrifices, love, and commitment of many people to their causes. Families, communities and nations have benefited in innumerable ways. People shape, and are shaped by the world around them. The rapid pace of change is a driver of interesting stories, from virtually every walk of life.

Our Interesting Times

The times we are living in are very special indeed. People living through these times have a great many unique experiences worth sharing. Think about world events that have shaped people living today; events too numerous to mention occurring in every decade of the last 100 years. Progress has made great strides in transportation; cars, trucks, ships, trains, planes, and rocketships. The advent of radio, television, computers, mobile phones and the internet all within the last century. Great advancements in science, medicine, and agriculture. A proliferation of music in entirely new genres. Explorations where man had never been before. Industrial-scale changes in production of products. Services that change lives for the better. People have personal connections with these great advancements. These connections make great stories which can be shared for friends, family, and future generations.

Making a Story

A biography can be about a lifetime. It can also be about an episode of a person’s life. A childhood. Or perhaps a wartime experience, a relationship with a special person, or an entrepreneurial endeavor. Putting these thoughts and experiences down on paper can be a good experience in itself. These episodes can reveal a narrative thread that brings experiences together into who that person is today.

Think of Whiting can help work through ideas, help with writing, or editing, and even facilitate the process of publishing and distributing the finished piece.

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