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Think of Whiting Helps You Reach Your Communications Objectives

Think of Whiting is focused on your success by offering a variety of business and personal communication services. Services include custom writing, editing, thought leadership, marketing and business strategy, marketing copy, newsletter content, surveys, and more. Think of Whiting provides the high quality writing, editing and strategy support you need.

List of Services

Services include, but are not limited to:

The Importance of Writing Today

Writing is as important today as it ever has been. Words on a website, in an email, a post or a tweet can be immediately seen around the world. Those words can influence attitudes, sway decision-makers, and sometimes even change lives.

Good writing enhances your ability to convey a message. It makes the message more easily understandable, and hopefully more memorable. On the other hand, reputations can be damaged with just a few ill-chosen words, inconsistent grammar, or loose organization.

Writing Services for Your Demanding Audience

Your audience is bombarded with information. TMI (“Too Much Information”) is a popular way of putting it. Your writing needs to stand out and get to the point. It takes work to give your writing what it needs to communicate information clearly, and be remembered. It takes tactical planning to make that writing persuasive enough to cause action, like picking up the phone, or clicking on a link. Think of Whiting will help you communicate with your audience, with the crafted writing that helps you achieve your goals.

Writing Services Save You Time

Writing takes time, and time is a commodity that for many is in short supply. Your workdays are filled with reading emails, attending meetings, responding to emergencies, and other pressing activities. Because your workday is busy enough as it is, writing can be the important task that doesn’t get done, or done well.

Marketing & Business Strategy

Think of Whiting combines extensive experience in contemporary entrepreneurship and marketing, with old fashioned common sense and hard work to find innovative ways to reach your marketing and business goals. See the blog for some context on these services.

Thought Leadership

Think of Whiting stays current with important trends and technologies in business marketing, and blogs about them here.

Turn to Think of Whiting the next time you need help with writing, editing, marketing strategy, or content development.  The time you save from off-loading this work will be valuable in its own right, plus it will make you more productive.

About “Think of Whiting”

George Whiting, a graduate of Amherst College with a B.A. in Political Science, has over 30 years of professional writing & marketing experience.  As an entrepreneur and business owner, George is capable of achieving objectives in a variety of writing and marketing projects. Success can be achieved working independently or integral with your team, whichever suits you best.

George works on a project basis as well as on retainer. Writing is normally in American English, and the “typical” style attempts to be informative, engaging, and memorable. George resides in Medfield, Massachusetts.


Please contact George Whiting by phone or email, or fill out the contact form to schedule a consultation.


Clients are ensured of full privacy and discretion for all source materials, conversations, and work performed.

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